Exile Days of Sultan Abdülhamid II in Salonika (1909-1912)

This book is composed of two chapters on two different topics. In the first part, I have studied the exile days of Sultan Abdülhamid II in Salonika (1909-1912). This chapter is a narrative of the 1278 days he had spent in exile between the night of 27 April 1909 when he was taken to Salonika by train and early morning of 1 November 1912 when he was brought to the Beylerbeyi Palace I have interrupted the chronological narrative of the events, and put subsections on the Villa Alâtini where he resided in Salonika; why he was exiled and why Salonika was chosen; his life and thoughts in exile; his guards and doctors in Salonika; and the excursion of Sultan Mehmed V Reşad to Rumeli, and the “Salute of the Sultan.”.In the second part, I have studied a phenomenon that occurred at the same time period that I focused in the first part: in several ways, Sultan Abdülhamid II’s wealth was seized, or confiscated, as he had written in a letter titled “My Petition to the State, Nation, Parliament, and Soldiers.” In this chapter, I have worked on the plunder in the Yıldız Palace; seizure of his real estate left to the use of Ministry of Finance as a guarantee for a loan in his name; the forced donation of his money and shares in national and foreign banks to be used for the Second and Third Ottoman Armies; seizure of his money found in the Yıldız Palace; the auction of the jewelry found in the Yıldız Palace for the benefit of the Donanma-i Osmânî İâne-i Milliye Cemiyeti; and the story of the money and jewelry found in the Beylerbeyi Palace after his death.

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Exile Days of Sultan Abdülhamid II in Salonika (1909-1912)


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I. A. The Deposition of Sultan Abdülhamid II


I. B. Sultan Abdülhamid II's Attempt to Stay in the Çırağan Palace


I. C. From Yıldız Palace to the Villa Allatini


I. C. 1. From Yıldız Palace to Sirkeci Train Station


I. C. 2. From Sirkeci to Salonika by Train


I. C. 3. From Salonika Kılkış Train Station to Villa Allatini


I. D. The Villa Allatini


I. E. Why Salonika?


I. F. Sultan Abdülhamid II's Everyday Life in Salonika


I. F. 1. The Very First Night in the Villa Allatini


I. F. 2. First Days in the Villa Allatini


I. F. 3. Some of Sultan Abdülhamid II's Companions Leave Salonika8


I. F. 4. Everyday Life of Sultan Abdülhamid II in His Exile Days in Salonika


I. F. 5. Thoughts and Opinions of Sultan Abdülhamid II in His Exile Days in Salonika


I. F. 5. a. "Isolated from the Rest of the World"


I. F. 5. b. Thinking of the Past


I. F. 5. c. Thinking of the Political Past


I. F. 5. d. Thinking of the Future


I. F. 6. Sultan Abdülhamid II's Guards and Doctors in Salonika


I. F. 6. a. His Guards


I. F. 6. b. Sultan Abdülhamid II's Guard Artillery Lieutenant (Kürd) Salim Shoots at Him


I. F. 6. c. His Doctors


I. G. The Excursion of Sultan Mehmed V Reşad to Rumeli and the "Salute of the Sultan" (Selâm-ı Şâhâne)


I. E. From the Villa Allatini in Salonika to the Beylerbeyi Palace in İstanbul


I. E. 1. The Decision to Bring Sultan Abdülhamid II Back to İstanbul Just Before the Fall of Salonika


I. H. 2. From the Villa Allatini to the Lorelei Yacht


I. H. 3. From Villa Allatini to Beylerbeyi Palace with the Lorelei Yacht


I. H. 4. The First Day in the Beylerbeyi Palace


II. A. The Good-will Show after the Revolution and the İstikrâz of 1908

II. A. 1. Sultan Abdülhamid II Shows His Good-will


II. A.2. The İstikrâz 1908


I. B. Dr. Rıza Nur Wants it All: Servet-i Şahâne ve Hakk-ı Millet


II. C. The Confiscation Decree (Müsâdere Fermânı)


II. D. Clearance in the Yıldız Palace


II. E. Confiscation of the Wealth in the Deutsche Bank and Ottoman Bank


II. F. Auction of Sultan Abdülhamid II's Jewelry


II. G. Confiscation of the Wealth in the Crédit Lyonnais Bank Due to the Ruling of the Court


III. H. Wealth Seized in the Beylerbeyi Palace after Sultan Abdülhamid II's Death


II. I. Statement of Account


II. J. Why Confiscation?


II. K. Epilogue: After the Unionists